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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Try New Things!

We all have our strengths -- the things we're good at, the skills we're known for, and commended for even.  Well how about expanding on that awesomeness by trying new things and getting good at them, too?!

Due to training, my classes have been quite random, but I have decided to take on pole dancing with a couple of my girlfriends.  It's so much fun but it's surprisingly challenging.  There is nothing easy about spinning yourself around and around, looking light as a feather while your legs hold on to the pole since your feet are no longer touching the ground, only to keep the softest, most playful sexy face you can possibly express.  Yeah.  That mouthful of a sentence is just about how insane my brain feels trying to connect mind and body and "sexy time".  Haha.  Terrible.  But no seriously, you have to be pretty athletic to be a genuinely good pole dancer.  I have mad respect for them, imjustsayin.

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